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33 Ways to Increase Pins & Repins on Pinterest

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Marketing, Pinterest, Social Media | 3 comments

I'm a huge fan of Pinterest & lately I haven't been giving it enough love! My ideal customers are Pinterst users by default so I really should be using that platform as my primary location to connect but I've fallen into the FB trap LOL!

Who primarily uses pinterest?

➡️ Women. The platform is an astounding 81% Women!
➡️ There are 70 MILLION users from the US ALONE!
➡️ 150 MILLION active users monthly!
➡️ 2 Million users save shopping pins DAILY (Fb we ignore sales!)
➡️ 40% of new sign ups are MEN! (It's catching on guys don't miss the train!)
➡️ HALF of Pinterest users income is $50k or greater per year
➡️ Millennials are using Pinterest as much as Instagram!

So let's dive into the 33 days to get more pins & repins!

✅ Time it - Pin between 2pm & 4pm Or 8pm & 1am
✅ Pin on Saturday for most repins
✅ Use Group Boards
✅ Pin the same thing on multiple group boards
✅ Space out your pins by an hour to ensure each gets attention
✅ Label your images they get more attention
✅ Popular selection. Repin popular content (it gets pinned often)
✅ Measure Results - Analytics will show what content your audience enjoys
✅ Cross promote your pins - share pins on Facebook & twitter. Embed them into your blog posts
✅ Add Categories - This increases exposure
✅ Thank pinners for repinning your content, they will likely repin you in the future because you're building a relationship with them!
✅ Use CTAs in descriptions asking people to repin!
✅ Be unique - You want images to stand out and draw the views eye to them
✅ Pin more, repin less. Pins directly from the website get more visibility.
✅ Verify everything you pin so your followers trust you don’t pin spam
✅ Use red(ish) images. They get twice as many repins as blue!
✅ Use more colors – you’ll get 3x the repins
✅ Pin taller images they get 60% more repins (Aspect ratio of 2:3 is good!)
✅ Use light images and benefit from 20x the repins than you’d get using dark!
✅ Balance saturation for a 10x boost on repins – desaturated images don’t do well
✅ Use 10% or less background for a 4x boost getting repins
✅ Use smooth textures for 17x the repins
✅ Avoid putting faces on pins, they decrease your repins
✅ Descriptions with 300 characters get the highest number of repins
✅ Use popular words, love, home, things, style, ideas are searched the most
✅ Pin relevant images that your followers like and stick to your brand and board categories

Some extra tips to get more pins from your website!

✅ Add a pin it button to your site you’ll get 7x the pins!
✅ Use a hover over pin it button
✅ Let people know that you love when they pin your content
✅ Use call to actions on the image it’s self!
✅ Label ahead of time, so the description is there when it gets pinned (this is open graph)
✅ Give incentives like contests & offers requiring pins to win

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