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Cynthia Schomp

Cynthia Schomp

CEO of Schomp Technologies LLC

Hey, I’m Cynthia!

I work with people who struggle to build their profit generating websites! I train entrepreneurs to use (and build) websites that generate multiple income streams!

I have spent many years studying web development & worked for a few fortune 500 companies in my 14 years of web designing. I have a degree in Computer Programming & Certification in Security+.

When I'm not building membership websites and mobile apps I can be found traveling with my service dog Tammy to beautiful places doing photography. We love to hang out in tropical locations or hike through beautiful scenery. You can also find me at home nerding out reading fantasy based books or playing games like Minecraft.

Dying to know more?

10 fun facts you didn't know about me!

  1. I can take apart an airplane engine & put it back together (I was a C130 Engine Mechanic in the Air Force)
  2. I love Star Trek & Doctor Who, I grew up watching them!
  3. I'm a Disney-holic
  4. I trained Tammy to be a PTSD service dog & bring her to hospitals for children
  5. I love DC & Marvel Super Heroes. Iron Man is my all time fave
  6. I try to attend Comic Con every year so I can stock up on books to read & get art work LOL
  7. I'm a total beach bum & have an obsession with turtles & palm trees
  8. I will be traveling the world this year visiting amazing places and experiencing new cultures!
  9. I volunteer at the homeless shelter
  10. I totally love going out dancing with my best friends

You can connect with me right now by joining The Web Presence Boss Group on Facebook!


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