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Web Presence Boss

Your Online Image Consultant & Designer

we help you build the reputation that will make a difference

Our Values


Staying on track & consistent is exactly how your establish your authority and credibility. It shows your audience you’re not a flake and will show up as planned for them.


Right in line with accountability, your audience needs to know they can trust you. Building authority and credibility on trust means you’re always going to do the right thing as an expert.


Providing the best quality to our customers & we expect the same of you. Without quality there isn’t authority or credibility. You’ll gain respect, trust, & loyalty when you’re standard is quality.

Step into the spotlight with a well established brand authority for your coaching business.

There’s this notion that to grow a business, you have to be ruthless. We know there’s a better way. One where you wont burn out & can scale. We believe coaches & consultants can grow with a conscience, and succeed with love for what they do intact. That’s why we’ve created a solution to help you leverage your online presence with ease.

All Inclusive Website & Online Presence Support for Coaches & Consultants

Are you ready to establish your expert status in your career?

The Web Presence Boss Group provides full service website services to coaches & consultants in a fast paced environment with an upbeat voice. Helping them establish a professional & high quality presence without the stress attached to writing on brand content or working with complicated tech.

With Cynthia’s 20 years of experience, and a team of dedicated professionals with a desire to bring high quality services to clients so they can excel, our agency positions you as an expert FAST. No more chasing your designer for updates, or files, or ANYTHING – when you work with us, YOU’RE the CEO & we’re the boss bringing your company’s web presence together!

If you’re ready to step away from your website & no longer want to slave over pushing out quality content that’s on brand – we’re here to take it over and become your brand voice. Just fill out the application & pick a time for a discovery call! Let’s get a plan in place & take it over!

The No Stress Solution to Establishing Authority Through Quality Website Solutions

Your dream clients are waiting for you….

Cynthia helped me get my website online, optimized and ranking in Google! Now we’re generating leads without even trying – thanks Cynthia!.”

Elise, Photographer

Cynthia is AMAZING! Very knowledgeable and supportive (which is SO helpful for people like me who want to be techy, but just aren’t) She made my idea into a reality and held my hand the whole time so I was learning at the same time. I know my online business will thrive with her by my side!

Janica – Business Consultant

I came to Cynthia with some general idea’s and concepts for a website. She not only met all of my idea’s and concepts, she exceeded them. She saw where my orginasation was and where we were heading. Planned ahead with the website for our future expansion so we will be ready. Excellent support, always responsive, and gets it done for you. I am so happy that I came to her for my website. I recommend her to everyone I hear wanting a website. I can’t thank her enough.

Rob – Non-Profit Board Member

Are you ready to establish expert status in your career?

Work on your clients, not your behind the curtain complicated tech.

Full service solutions means ALL of your tech. We set up, design, & manage your content for everything – social, blog, newsletter – ALL OF IT. We set up your systems so everything is on brand & always aligned.