5 Ways to Keep Your Friends on Facebook Engaging With Your Content

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It’s been a while since you’ve had A LOT of comments from friends on Facebook. They seem to be less interested in what you’re doing, and it feels like they are disappearing from your life. Don’t worry! Here are 10 ways to keep them excited about being your friend on Facebook. You’ll feel more connected again in no time!

Engaging post idea number one: Get Them Talking About Themselves!

People LOVE to talk about themselves to make a connection with others. Post a request for them to show off their kids, their pets, their latest funny meme find. The post can say something like:

  • “Show me your cute pets to brighten my time line!”
  • “Self Love Challenge: Show me your best photo/selfie of you!”
  • “What’s the funniest meme you’ve found lately”

Bonus points if you can tie this into your business topics! How I do this as a web designer.

  • “What’s the funniest thing someone said on a sales call lately?”
  • “What’s the most awkward thing to happen during a zoom call?”
  • “Tell me how you really feel about using your website with a gif only”

If you can incorporate EASY shares like Photos, GIFs, and MEMEs, this is FUN for the people on your friends list and will have a higher engagement rate.

Engaging post idea number two: Get them excited with questions!

The passionate people who love a good cause will chime in & start sharing their viewpoints. Keep in mind it’s best to maintain a safe space for these types of conversations. You don’t want to have people disrespecting your other friends with name calling & other toxic behaviors. Be a good gatekeeper on your profile & moderate the thread accordingly so people keep coming back for your discussions. Some discussion starters I like are:

  • “What’s the worst advise a professional has given you?”
  • “Who inspires you most as a professional?”
  • “Fill in the blank: _____ when customer service _____.”
  • “How do you feel about (insert trending topic)”

Make sure to share your own view as well. Ask follow up questions to keep the conversation going & really get a solid insight of their views.

Engaging post idea number three: Stage FUN & EXCITING Things

People love to feel like they are part of your FUN DAY! If you can, start a FUN routine into your day. Some things I do to spice up my content & inject FUN into the mundane topics:

  • Take the dog on a walk in a park while I do a livestream. This invites people to peek into your lifestyle. Show off the beautiful area. Set up near water, display scenery in the background.
  • Take everyone on an adventure with you. Are you going to a theme park, fair, or carnival? Maybe you decided to have fun like a kid in the water sprinkler or created a massive slip & slide. Take lots of photos/videos & even go live while doing the fun games. Ask your viewers to play along by helping you pick the prize. Use the photos to talk about your day & story tell. Make sure your fun day story ties in a meaningful message related to your business!
  • Make your pitches more fun by using your stories from outings as the introduction to your pitch. Lead into it the pitch using transitions. Connect your story with why they might need your offer.

The idea here is to make your friends feel included, like your story is speaking directly to them & inviting them to a safe place to interact! Make sure to reply to comments & even open discussions into direct messages. On all content ask follow up questions to keep the conversation going.

Engaging post idea number four: Host Planned Discussions

Invite people to have discussions with you on social media. My favorite way to do this is through livestreams or voice chat (discord is great for these). Plan a day and time, & invite a few people or just one to talk about a specific topic.

  • Include the audiance by asking them to share where they are from & pause to ask them if they would like to ask any questions.
  • Poll the audience ahead of time about the topic. Let them know when the discussion is happening & in what format – livestream, text thread, or on voice chat
  • Make sure everyone on the discussion does an intro about who they are & where to find them, then also do an outro when the chat is over & let viewers know how to follow up with them.

These discussions are highly engaging everytime I’ve done one. They grow my email list & stay publicly live for a long time constantly getting new comments. I suggest embedding the discussions into a blog post & pinning them on Pinterest. You can even turn them into podcast episodes fairly easily for further growing your audience to include even more people who will engage with your content.

Engaging post idea number five: Cross promote & repurose content

It’s always a good idea to announce livestreams on all of your platforms and & link to where you’re going live to join. This will get more people on live with you. Some ways I repurpose content and leverage various social networks:

  • Turn your livestreams into blog posts & pin them on bookmarking sites like Pinterst & Stumble Upon
  • Create free events on facebook, meetup, eventbrite, & other networks and link to your livestream
  • Upload your livestreams to other networks like Twitch & YouTube – using streamlabs pro allows you to multistream!

If you find this kind of information helpful I’d love to invite you to my free community where we do content exercises & accountability calls weekly! @The Boss Clubhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/webpresenceboss/

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I’d love to invite you to my free community where we do content exercises & accountability calls weekly! @The Boss Club

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