How to Research The Competition

If you’re looking at improving your online strategy or you’re not sure how to build your website this bit of research will help you find the information you need to move forward with a plan!

Google is going to be your friend here. First thing you’ll want to do is search for other businesses doing the same thing as you. Try searching various keywords, search by your product names, and try searching for alternative to “company name” or alternative to “product name” to find a good variety of companies online.

Start a document listing the links to each of the companies and product pages you find. Keep notes below each link outlining what you do like about the page & don’t like about the page. (You’ll find this helpful later and your designer will be thrilled to have this info.)

In the document link to their social profiles, we’re specifically looking for Facebook pages. On the Facebook page you’ll scroll down to Page Transparency. It’s on the left hand column of the page. Click view all when you find it.

Down towards the bottom you’ll see Go to Ad Library if they are running ads. Inside the ad library you’ll be able to see the pages they are promoting. Typically these are sales pages, funnels, or product pages. These pages you’ll also want to add to your document.

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