The Anatomy of a Client Attracting Website

Hello! Today’s video is All about what your website needs to attract clients!

If you don’t know me Hello! I’m Cynthia Schomp, founder of the Web Presence Boss Group! I’ve been building websites for 20 years & love helping women launch their own online businesses!

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Let’s get onto talking about what your website needs to attract clients!

Every company wants a website that attracts clients and converts them into paying customers. There are many different components to the perfect website, including design, content, usability and more. Today I will break down each of these elements so you can get started with your own client attracting website!

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Quality Design

Design is arguably the most important part of a website. It is what people will see first and can be the deciding factor on whether or not they stay on your site for any length of time.

The design should be simple enough to avoid confusion, but unique enough that it stands out against competitors who may have a similar product/service offering as you do.

Attract Clients Through Content

The content of your client attracting website should be focused around how a visitor would use your products and services in their daily life. This means using strong headlines with clear benefits (and proof) for each point you want to make about your company’s offerings, connecting emotionally through stories from customers’ lives, giving readers useful articles like “How-To” guides and tips, etc., so they know why they need to do business with you.

Writing blog articles will drive traffic to your website. Commit to adding at least 1 quality article that is helpful to your ideal audience once per week. Make sure to pin this content on visual search engines like Pinterest and Stumble Upon. These platforms will help people find you as well as help you rank higher in google search for the keywords commonly used through out your website.

Repurpose your content into videos for Facebook. Share it in groups as live streams, upload it to YouTube. Include a link to the article on your website with each place you’ve repurposed the content. These options will also help your website rank better within google and continue to drive traffic to your website.


Your website should be as easy to use and navigate as possible, without having too many unnecessary features that would distract visitors from the main goal of your site (to attract clients!) For example, a clear navigation bar at the top will help people get around easier and not have to search for content on your site.

Set up an irresistible freebie

Within your website include an irresistible freebie. It should be something highly sought after by your ideal clients. For example, I have create 100 social media Canva posts with prompts that will drive up engagement and sales. Every time I announce this freebie it adds 100s of new leads into my email marketing campaigns. This one piece of content I spent a few hours creating has an offer on the thank you page for a low cost downloadable file & mini class. It’s just $17. From there they are invited to join my $25/mo membership where they get new content monthly for their social media! This is a funnel. Utilizing a funnel is the best way to attract clients to your website.

If you’re in a position to run ads, this is the piece of content within your website to set up an ad for. You should also be sharing this in social media and visual search engines, like Pinterest & Stumble Upon.

Quality Testimonials

Not all testimonials should be displayed. You want to be selective and pick the ones that will highlight the important aspects of how you help your clients. The ones that will get prospective clients excited to work with you. If you think about it, the most common type of testimonial you see will mention how fun it was to work with someone or how professional they were throughout the process.

That’s nice and all, but those types of testimonials aren’t nearly as effective as the ones that focus on real results that were achieved from a project.

You need to ask the right questions to get the right testimonial. Try asking:

“What are 2-5 benefits you experienced through our work together?”

“What were your concerns about working with a professional before you hired me and how did that compare with your actual experience?”

Ask questions based on who your target audience is. As long as you’re encouraging them to think about actual results and transformations, your testimonials will be more effective.

Give Your Clients What They Need

When requesting testimonials ask them to reference the stats you’ve measured. For example they can reference that you’ve improved their sales by 200%. They went from occasional $5k income months to consistent $30k per month.

Having the information readily available makes the process easy for them & they wont skip leaving a testimonial.

Show Them off on Your Website

Highlight the best results on your website in between your most read sections. I use hotjar to view how visitors interact with my websites to decide what areas are most stopped on and insert my testimonials below it. I’ve found this is the prime spot for them to stop and read them.

If you have a lot of reviews, it’s a great idea to have a page dedicated to showcasing them so your visitors can see how game changing your services are. Having a dedicated page is impactful in the way that it’s working together to tell someone that you’re perfect for the job.

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