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Business Policies

I want you to be familiar with policies/procedures so that things can run smoothly between us. Please read these very carefully so that there are no misunderstandings later on.

The procedures, practices, policies and benefits described here may be modified or discontinued from time to time. We will try to inform you of any changes as they occur.



As a client of Schomp Technologies LLC, Cynthia Schomp is your main point of contact. From time to time, Cynthia may assign a different point of contact in the event of her absence or if your question is billing related (Cynthia does not like handling billing questions)! If you receive communications from Vannah Lockwood, she is my Financial & Administrative Assistant, so don’t be alarmed. 


The primary method of contact with Cynthia is via your secret Facebook Group (if you are a private client) or your closed Facebook Group (if you are a member of a group coaching program). Cynthia checks all Facebook Groups once per day. If you must send something personal to Cynthia through Facebook Messenger, please understand that she does not check her messages frequently and there will be a delay in response. The fastest way to get a response is by posting in your group or sending an email directly to where it will be filtered into your project.

Cynthia fully admits in advance that she is bad at communicating via Skype and Text. Therefore, we do not utilize those methods of contact in Schomp Technologies LLC. Should you use those methods of contact, we do not guarantee a response.

Cynthia does not accept unscheduled phone calls. Therefore, if you are a client, please use her scheduling calendar to schedule your call. If you are not a private client or course participant, please schedule a Discovery Session with Cynthia to access her calendar or complete an application for one of our programs to talk to our team at no cost.


When you respond to Cynthia, you will typically receive a response within 24 hours. Again, Cynthia checks both Facebook Groups and her email once per day. 

Responses are not guaranteed during non-office hours. Continue reading for information on when our office hours are.

Responses may be delayed in the event of vacations, holidays, or emergencies. Cynthia will do her best to make you aware of these delays in advance.


Cynthia is based in the Mountain Time Zone. Therefore, our official company office hours are roughly Monday through Thursday 9AM – 6PM Mountain Time. 

Our company calendar can be viewed here.

If you need assistance outside of our normal business hours, we will do our best to accommodate. Please remember that Cynthia is a human being with a family and a life too. 🙂

Website Design Client Calls

If you have purchased a service that includes phone calls with Cynthia, here are the policies and procedures associated with this:

SCHEDULING CALLS (New Policy as of June 2016!)

Web design clients will receive a weekly email which is automated from our 17 hats system, reminding you to schedule your calls for the week. This email will contain a link to the calendar(s) where you can pick a day/time that works best for you.

The times displayed on the calendar reflect Cynthia’s true availability, therefore if there are no days/times that work for you, please do your best to make something work. If there is truly nothing you can do, then you may reach out to Cynthia to attempt to manually schedule another day/time. Please reach out by emailing

Please remember that it is your responsibility to schedule and make use of these calls to keep your project going on time. The calls are provided on a first come, first served basis, and your time with Cynthia does not roll over. Therefore, we recommend that you schedule your calls in advance as soon as you receive the reminder email(s). You may also request a specific day and time to be designated up to 4 weeks in advance by emailing a request to Cynthia.


We want the very best experience for you. Please try not to reschedule your scheduled appointments. If an extremely unusual situation occurs and you need to reschedule, please give us as much advance notice as possible. As with any professional service business, a minimum 24-hour notice is expected. 

Please understand that when you cancel or reschedule calls, you run the risk of forfeiting calls for the month if no further time slots are available. 


Strategy calls vary from 30-90 minutes. If you call later than the scheduled time, the call will still end at the originally designated finish time, as we have clients scheduled before and after your call. 


In preparation for our calls, we ask that you complete a Progress Form, at least 48 hours in advance of the call. This will allow Cynthia ample time to review and prepare to bring the most value to your session. This form will be emailed to you upon scheduling.

Please call from a quiet place to concentrate on our work together. (Please do not eat or do anything else when you’re working together. You won’t get as much value & your project may suffer due to missing communication.)

And, of course, please be on time! (Huge pet peeve, missed appointments & tardiness!)


We will not use telephones in most cases, please have Skype installed for our meetings (video not required). You can connect with cynthia by adding Cynthia.Schomp as a contact.


You may request recordings of your sessions. Please let Cynthia know before the call if you would like access to the recording.


Materials that we give you in the course of our work together are proprietary and copyrighted. You agree that such proprietary material is solely for your own personal use for the purpose of improving your home life, or starting, growing or marketing your business or service. Any disclosure to a third party is strictly prohibited.

Under no circumstances can the copy in these documents be used or reproduced in whole or part without the express written permission of Schomp Technologies LLC. The absence of a copyright notice on any given page or material should NOT be construed as an absence of copyright. These copyrights have been successfully defended in the past and it is the policy of Schomp Technologies LLC to aggressively defend all intellectual properties. Violation of these copyrights can result in civil litigation, substantial penalties, even criminal prosecution. These marketing materials and documents are provided for sample purposes only, not for use.



From time to time, Cynthia will email you to request Feedback, along with a form to submit the feedback. It helps her to know what you like about her services, what results you received, and any potential areas for improvement that you can identify for us. Because we are committed to creating a quality experience, we do take feedback very seriously.


From time to time, we will also email you to request written or video testimonials. You are of course under no obligation to provide a testimonial for our services, however we would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to do so. Thank you in advance!


Many times,  we have had the opportunity to send a client referrals and we are absolutely thrilled to do it. This happens often most probably because we get to know a client’s business intimately and become keenly aware of who their ideal clients are, as well as the results that people get from the services they provide. This means that, occasionally, you may receive a referral from us, depending on the circumstances.

On the flip side, our clients regularly send referrals to us as well. In essence, we become referral partners. So, that said, here’s what I propose: if you overhear a woman entrepreneur saying she’d like to hire a designer, start an online course or membership program, then please feel free to make an introduction!

Cynthia will do the same for you when she meets someone who would benefit from working with you!


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