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5 Must Do's For A Client Attracting Website

How to Create a Website that will have your ideal clients saying “I want that!”
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I totally get it! Your online presence is what sets you apart by showing how you resonate with your audience much more strongly than the others in your industry but building that baby is like a full time job.

You probably have more important things on your plate to handle that are currently making you money but you know you need that website there to help you generate leads while you work (you know, to get out of that feast and famine cycle) yet you just can't set aside the time.

It's totally ok to surrender the responsibility out to an expert. Someone that can really dive deep with you and capture the very essence of your brand's soul and speak visually and persuasively to your dream clients. I'm here to do just that for you. My team and I offer a completely done for your service covering everything from creating your brand image, voice, and digital presence to the migraine worthy tech set up.

Our process is super easy for you. The first thing we need to cover is a meet and greet to help understand your business. We identify where you would best generate leads & resonate with your audience and plan your website and online presence accordingly. We map out your brand as a whole, the visual, verbal, and energy behind it. We define your values & purpose to help create the essence of your business that draws those clients to you.

Once we have gathered all the information, we begin the process of visual branding. We create your brand from the ground up with a beautiful logo set, color palette & graphics for your online business. We do another session to plan your strategy & buff out all of the content we will need for the website and any supporting materials found on the website. We create your PDFs, your video effects, & any other branded material your content might require. We will help you determine if a membership or course system is the right fit for your audience and will be a compliment to your offers giving you an additional income stream. You can also choose to set up a built in webinar system that is very easy to use for creating evergreen content that is always for sale.

After your strategy is all set up we will complete the website and incorporate the funnel for selling your digital evergreen products as well as get people on the phone ready to work with you. If this sounds like an AH-MAY-ZING plan to you for getting YOUR website online & working for your business I would love to talk with you.

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Our web design clients get up to 10x more business using our ethical lead generation methods. Sign up for your strategy call today & get your customized action plan to get your business booming.


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