Online Business Survival 2020 Edition

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This program is designed to help you jumpstart an income online, even during this pandemic.

GREAT for clueless beginners, super helpful for DIYers needing to firm up their structure.

Not great for those who give up when their mindset trolls them. This IS technical work. You have to be in the I CAN DO THIS, I CAN FIGURE THIS OUT mindset.

Thick skin required. I’m going full on NO BS MODE. I will push back with good reason. If I tell you livestream and you ask can I just do audio I may tell you NO. Your audience needs to SEE you. If you still decide NO & not follow the instructions I will remove you. I will NOT ask you to do anything that risks your safety or anything extraordinary. These are PROVEN methods. Your no will just be the troll telling you lies.

This requires creating a plan and following it for long period of time to get results.

Topics we will cover:

How to grow your online audience through powerful content that will form soul level connections.
Create offers so irresistible people will enroll even while on quarantine with wild children at home.
Building a digital product that sells itself over and over and over (evergreen).
Creating an opt in & tripwire (free download and prompt an offer to buy).
How to rapidly build a website that attracts the right clients. (Templates, Plugins & Hosting provided, you need a domain name.)
How to set up your email marketing & automations. LOADS of templates for you 😉


Daily actions ARE required. You WILL need to step out of your comfort zone. Tell your troll off if you have to.

Daily Live (or audio) streams
Daily content writing
Daily video recording (could be your computer screen & slides, could be you talking. Your choice.)
Various other visibility tasks.

Other possible tasks
PDF Creation
Installing SaaS products to your hosting to sell subscriptions
Creating onboarding forms
Creating client follow up forms
Creating proposal templates
You’re going to create A LOT. Plan to be in a romantic relationship with Canva LOL

Expected results
Explosive growth of an email list
Explosive growth of Instagram
Explosive growth of a FB group
Massive engagement on the content you produce
People might start talking to you – be ware introverts! I’ll show you how to block the energy vampires from stealing your mana. LOL
SALES!!!! yay!

If you record your sales calls and client calls we can review them so you improve your close rate & build loyal business relationships with clients.

Hey, we can also set up your affiliate program and start getting influencers to promote for you!

SO 60 days free as part of this group mentorship.

I will be available live in our community in the mornings before 9:30am MST, and again after 7:30 MST. Sunday Monday are my free days. You’ll see me 🙂 I also pop in and out of our community voice chat a few times to check in between 10am and 7pm MST. LOADS OF SUPPORT!