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What is your big dream goal?

For me my big dream goal is traveling. Soon as my foot heals! (I broke my ankle just after new years). I have my passport ready! As a web design agency owner, I created my business to be telecommute. My team all works from home all over the world and are also reaching for their big dream goal! Pretty cool! So that means if I want to go visit London and do some speaking I can! If i want to go climb Mt Fuji in japan and learn about their culture I can!
For me traveling has been a life goal since child hood. I've been fascinated by nature and history. I wanted to visit Africa and see wild giraffes. I want to see the Pyramids. I want to experience the rain forest. I want to do an archeological dig! I want to help build homes in Africa and South America.
Touching the lives of others is my big dream & what I am designing my movement around. In order to make my big dream a possibility, I need to have the mindset that what I do is LARGER than myself. It needs to be a movement. It needs to include allowing me to reach people beyond my general audience. It needs to have a deep purpose that sparks movement in others to be a part of it.
Experiencing new cultures and assisting those that need the help are amazing experiences to me. <3 This is why I chose to have a movement instead of just a service. I truly believe a movement will always take a business further than just having a strong dream. Time and again this movement mindset has shown me that it leads to greater success.

Tell me about your big dream!

I would love to know what you are passionate about! Join us over in The Web Presence Boss Group on facebook!


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