Are you dropping Instagram followers? GOOD!

Cynthia Schomp

Drops in the amount of Instagram followers you have is normal. Lots of accounts do the follow unfollow strategy, so likely if you aren’t following people back and you aren’t on an intense growth program there is a noticeable drop off rate since you aren’t gaining. It’s important to also note Instagram deletes robot accounts every few weeks, so if robots are following they will drop off as well. It’s important to be aware of what robot accounts look like so you can avoid engaging where they tend to be. This will reduce your drop off rate. Instagram deleting bot accounts is a good thing because then the accounts you want to engage with have a higher chance of getting your content into their news feed. Once they are engaging then your content will begin to rank in hashtags.

Seeing drop off is a good thing. Your account is cleaning up. Less robots and less follow unfollow accounts who are just looking for numbers. 

The point of instagram is gaining engagement and building relationships. The increase in numbers happen because of this.

So how do you get the engagement up on Instagram so you’re growing?

First and foremost, you should also be posting with relevant to your topic hashtags on your posts. Hashtags are what will help people find you. So if you’re posting about fitness, use hashtags targeted to what your post is about. If it’s food related hashtag using food related tags instead of just fitness hashtags. Do research to find as many as you can. Start with low competition hashtags. This means hashtags with a low number of posts in it. You’ll likely rank top post quickly and will stay there for a long time extending your exposure. As your account grows start choosing hashtags with more posts in them. Keep in mind the more posts in that hashtag the quicker your content disappears meaning no visibility. Stay away from hashtags in the 100k+ mil+ posts range. You’ll drown there as a small account with minimum engagement. To rank top post in those highly competitive hashtags you’ll need thousands of likes and comments. Start small.

Second, go out commenting daily. Commenting is your engagement gold to grow a small account. If you aren’t commenting you wont see growth and will only see drop off. Hashtags on posts alone are not enough to help people find your content. Most accounts are content dropping and dipping out. If you post it they will come is not a thing. If you post it you need to put effort in and engage with other accounts so they come engage with you.

Third, reply to engagement on your own posts. This helps you show up in the news feed more so your followers are seeing your content and will begin engaging with it. Your number of comments will dramatically increase over time. In real life someone saying something to you, you would reply. It’s proper etiquette to reply to commenters. The point of Instagram is to build a community. If you aren’t replying, it’s one way. Make your account a welcoming space where people can converse with you and others. #1 important part of this is OPEN ENDED QUESTIONS in your post description. TELL people you want to hear from them. Give a CTA (Call to action) and tell them to comment below.

Fourth, when someone replies to your comment on their post continue to reply. Have conversations in their comments. This builds relationships and they will likely follow you and do the same on your content. The instagram community loves to reciprocate. 

What you put in, is what you get out of this platform.

How do you keep the momentum going without paying a team?

Automatic engagement for Instagram is available on

Set your comments to no more than 10 per hour and target hashtags. Check mark do not comment same user twice. This will drive up engagement and trigger people to come look at your profile.

Comments are tricky. DO NOT use auto generic fake comments like “nice feed” or “great shot” instead put a genuine comment to auto post like “Hey just stopping by to leave a little comment love. Would love to get connected! Hope the rest of your day is fantastic!” Notice it’s 3 full sentences not just a word or two. People will engage back with this and open dialog most of the time. Especially if you say how is your day going? instead of wishing them a good day.

Remember, batched is just a tool for background support. Think of it as maintaining minimum momentum. You still need to get on the app daily to leave comments manually and direct message users. Doing the minimum will not keep your account in growth mode at all times. 

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