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Use Facebook Live on your profile, page or group from your computer:

Getting Started

All the FREE tools for livestreaming from your desktop:

  1. OBS - FREE, Video Recording & Streaming software. (Mac, PC & Linux, Free, Open Source)
  2. Lightstream - FREE, Stream from your browser. (Mac, PC & Linux, Free, Open Source)
  3. BeLive - FREE, web app with guests and multiple camera angles

Then there are some apps and tools that offer video meetings or broadcasts but they do not integrate with Facebook Live. BUT, you can integrate these with Facebook Live by sharing the window in OBS Studio and Wirecast. Examples include:

In this tech tutorial, I will guide you how to set up the free OBS Studio to broadcast to Facebook Live (to your profile, groups or pages). OBS Studio is incredibly powerful, and it's free!

Getting Started with OBS

Streaming to Facebook Live from OBS Studio or Wirecast requires a good internet connection. Check the following before jumping in to live stream:

  • Fast Upload Speed:
    You'll need a fast internet speed (10Mbps Upload).
    It's the UPLOAD speed that counts. Facebook mention you should have at least 3Mbps UPLOAD speed. I recommend an upload speed of at least 10Mbps for best clarity. This will prevent the connection lost issues as well. Check your upload speed with the speedtest tool.
    Go Wired: You'll get a higher and more stable upload speed if you connect straight to your router with an ethernet cable. WiFi is great, but your internet speed will reduce the further away you are from your router and the more devices you have connected. To give you an example, my download speed when plugged in is 250Mbps, but it goes down to 10Mbps when I use WiFi with no other devices connected to it. The same is true for my upload speed - it goes down to 1Mbps when I use WiFi which is lower than the recommended speed for a clear uninterupted connection.
  • Fast & Powerful Computer:
    You need a pretty powerful computer to broadcast live video. Ideally, you should have a modern i7 processor and 16Gb of RAM. I personally have an AMD 8 Core with 16 GB ram on my desktop. My laptop is an i7 with 16 Gb ram and I have to close all other programs out to stream with just obs and one application like PowerPoint or the computer starts freezing. Encoding video taxes the computer hardware so the better the hardware the less likely you will have issues. To help things, it is best to close all the extra programs running in the background.
  • Enabling Pop-ups:
    If you're using the Go Live button on this page, you'll need to allow pop-ups from this site ( Usually, the first pop-up will open, but once that closes, a 2nd pop-up should open. If it does not, you'll need to enable pop-ups.
  • Allow RTMP:
    Really, this shouldn't be an issue for most people. However, make sure your firewall, router and ISP all allow RTMP. You don't need to know what that is, apart from that it's the method (or protocol) Facebook Live use for Facebook Live. If you can't connect, you'll need to check your firewall settings or contact your ISP.
  • If you're still having issues, Facebook recommends you "disable all ad blocking software or browser plugins that could prevent the video player from loading". I think that's a bit extreme, but if you're having issues, it's best to try.

Webcams & Microphones

If your ocmputer has this built in you can get going right away! However, you may want to step up the quality of these built in devices for a professional sound and video quality.

Lets start with webcams

Specs to look for:

  • 1080p Resolution
  • H.264 video compression
  • Face tracking
  • Motion detection

A great option is the Logitech C920 or even the newer model C992x for a better streaming experience (it has background removal way cool!).

On to picking microphones

Blue Snowball USB Microphone is what I have. You can pick it up locally at best buy for $60 or so. The sound quality is a huge step up from built in laptop options.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone is the upgrade from the snowball. I'm thinking about getting this if I don't go snob and get the super expensive heil mic I've been drooling over.

HeiL PR-40 is for the sound snobs. Like me LOL!

Grab a bundle with a pop filter and extending arm to mount it to your desk if you want to go all out pro. Pop filters will help reduce the P and S sounds in your audio. Those are a must have!


Copyright Warning!

This is really important! Facebook is PRO at detecting the use of copyrighted music. You CAN and likely will be banned from broadcasting to Facebook Live for up to 3 months for playing copyrighted music. I'd hate that to happen to you. It's happened to me. Thanks Dunkin' Donuts!


If you are going live from a public place like a coffee shop, it's going to detect the background music.

Broadcasting to Facebook


This tutorial will use OBS. Download & Install this program if you haven't already.

Get your stream key

I grab this when I click the go live button at the beginning of this page. The box that pops open has a tab where this key is hidden.

ONE choose whether you want to go live on your profile or group and click next: 


Then first pop-up window should close and a second pop-up window should appear. If this second pop-up does not appear, you'll need to check your pop-up settings to allow pop-ups.

In the pop-up, enter your update text and video information:

Click the tab Stream Key and you will see a box with the stream key in it. You will need to copy this ENTIRE string.



Open OBS and click settings.


Choose the tab stream.

Select Facebook from the drop down.

Enter the key you just copied from the pop up in the Stream key box.

You shouldn't need to enter the server URL because OBS uses the standard URL.

Make sure you have selected a video source (such as your webcam) and that you can see this in the preview section. (2 Images up you'll see I've selected my LG Display as the source.)

Then click the "Start Streaming" button on OBS. The browser pop up for streaming will load in a preview of what your OBS is displaying.

Click go live when you're ready!

Once you see the preview load into the tab labeled basic you are ready to hit Go Live!

Give it a try!

The Next Step Using Live

You probably want to take your buisness to the next level using live streams from your computer but you might find you need a plan. Jump in on the next challenge & start turning your cold leads on FB into warm ones. Going live is a fantastic way to boost engagement in Facebook & this lesson packed challenge will help you start converting those viewers on your lives into paying customers!

Contacting Like a Boss: Using FB Live to turn cold leads into warm ones!

This 7 day challenge will launch you into maxing out your client list by using Facebook live to convert your cold contacts into warm ones & close the deal to sign them as clients.


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