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Leaving This Out Could Radically Hurt Your Marketing Results

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Website | 0 comments


It could RADICALLY change your results!

We get hung up on doing it all, posting here, sharing messages on Instagram, and even doing live videos.

What most of us are forgetting (even I’m guilty!) is working on our websites. Your website IS the hub of your business when used correctly. We get so wrapped up in social media we forget or even don’t realize that the content we post is GONE within days. It’s not served up any longer to our audience. Inside our websites, it’s always relevant. The keywords searched in google will continue to display your content increasing the rank as you grow and climb the ranks as an influencer. Neglecting your website is a huge detriment to your future.

From your website you can:

Write weekly blog posts & post them out to your social networks

Create content upgrades for people to join your list

Drive all the traffic there with fabulous social strategies

Repurpose your videos, posts, & emails into more content

Share your offers and portfolio - build credibility

Have an easy and direct way for people to find and contact you

Gain loyal customers with self study programs

Gain new community members with a membership program

Build an army of loyal affiliates promoting your offers for you

I cringe when coaches tout about their success despite having a website. I think to myself how amazing of a position would they be in if they did have a website & utilized it to it’s full capacity! So what they are making 6 or 7 figures as a coach but how much EXTRA did they have to do to get there?! Pair that with the website and they easily could have double timed their way to this place and be in and even bigger dream position already!

For me it all comes down to having an INCREDIBLE hub that will transform your business by helping you gain, & retain a community that is also such a raving fan they refer everyone to you as well!

Do you utilize your website to it’s fullest capacity? What can I help you implement in? Share your links in the comments!

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Cynthia Schomp
Cynthia is the founder & CEO of The Web Presence Boss Group a community for business owners & entrepreneurs to build their business and online presence. You can work 1:1 with Cynthia by hiring her team to build out your lead generating membership website or schedule a strategy call with her.

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