Brand Questionnaire

This Questionnaire will help us fully understand the personality of your brand and build your brand assets.



Personality Types

Having a solid understanding of your personality type allows us to create something that fully resonates with you and functions as an extension of you. This also removes a ton of stress and difficulties while working with a web design team! Understanding your personality allows us to better communicate & work for you. We highly suggest you find out this information about your employees as well. This helps teams function in a highly productive way.

MBTI test: Take the test
Enneagram test: Take the test
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Brand Archetypes

It's important to identify your primary and secondary archetypes as a business. If you're solo in business or you are the brand, then answer these as YOU. This will help us understand the best way to leverage your personality into your brand.

Archetypes test: Take the test

Color Theory

Every color has a psychological meaning behind it. In the section below put each item in order of importance. Slot 1 would be the least important to depict in your brand.