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Let’s check PDF creation off your todo list! It’s time to launch that thing you’ve been procrastination on because face it, design just isn’t your thing. Let me help you nail that ebook, kindle book, or course content you need uploaded! Hit that purchase button and get up to 10 PDF pages designed within 2 hours! Just have to be available via slack on the designer on demand date & time you choose!


Ready to finally get that PDF done?

Bring me on as your designer!

 This is your chance to cut the line and get your project done on time!

Cynthia Schomp

Cynthia Schomp


I’ve been running a successful design business for the past 20 years & I’ve worked with some pretty big names and here’s why they like me: I work fast, I deliver high quality, and I’m easy to work with. No micro-managing needed, no need for tons of phone calls, minimal need for revisions. I get it, I know what you need and I can nail it right away. Like, in a day. 😉

I hear you, you don’t need me all month long.

Hiring me for just a few hours can give you some breathing room to get that course launched, a challenge prepped, PDFs done, webinar slides ready, or all of those social media graphics set and scheduled so you don’t have to think about it! You’re a busy CEO and, ugh, if only you could check all those design tasks off your to-do list already.

You don’t have to keep searching for a designer who’s going to ask you 100 questions, bug you all day long b/c they need hand holding through the task & good lord, constantly seeking praise to move forward.

Hi! I’m your designer for the day! I understand your brand, I know marketing strategy and how to bring it into your designs.

How this design deal works:

Step One. Book your spot and pay here. This secures your spot.

Step Two. Fill out your questionnaire and project outline.

Step Three. Send over existing files + get added into my Slack team.

Step Four. Do the dang thing — I’ll make some magic, you’ll relax.

Step Five. Cross this thing OFF your to-do list!

What do I need to have ready?

I won’t accept or start a project without these two items and they are due within 3 business days. Late fees apply and due to the nature of this agreement – no refunds available.

  • Any copy for the project (for example: website copy, slide copy, workbook copy, social media graphics copy, etc.)

  • Your existing branding files in an accessible place (colors, vector logos, fonts (and the files), imagery, headshots, etc.)


What can we actually get done?

You have 2 hours of my day, so honestly – a lot! I won’t agree to start a project unless I have everything I need beforehand, so, it’ll be 2 hours of design work (not back and forth requests for this or that).

A typical 10 page PDF for a program with worksheets and instructional content can be completed in this time.

Book cover design & conversion to kindle files can also be accomplished within 2 hours!


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