Stand Out Online With These 30 Days of Social Prompts for Coaches & Consultants So You Get The Clients!

Cynthia Schomp

Years of Visibility vs Hours

Now you have no excuse, it’s time to start showing up and getting visible. EVERY single piece of content here needs to be on your website & shared on social as well. Putting it on your website = YEARS of visibility, not just a few hours on Facebook. Your methods need to be priority for website content so you have content longevity and then share it on social as often as you’d like.

Prompts Breakdown

My story – about page. This is the most visited page on any website. Immediately new visitors will click about to see who you are and what your credibility is. On social media we’re constantly connecting with new people so we also want to have this as a post we share monthly. It’s a great way to call out to the new people you’ve connected with & invite them to talk about themselves now that they have learned a bit about you.

Live streams – blog content. Any video content you create should be embeded into your blog as well. Not all of your audience is connected to you on Facebook. You aren’t only discovered by sharing on facebook. Facebook puts you into a small bubble. There’s a HUGE audience missing out on your content and they can easily locate it if you’re adding it to your blog. Make sure to summerize the content so it can be indexed in search engines easily.
Discussions – blog content. Topics your audience love to discuss can be turned into outstanding blog content rich in high value information. Take it out of the bubble you’re in on social media & turn them into discussion blogs where you quote the others participating in your talk. Linking back to them will help you build reciprocating links which will give you a massive boost in SEO. Suggest your discussion participants to also host discussions regularly and put them on their blog you can can participate in various locations for those reciprocating links!
Interviews – blog content
Q&A – FAQ page on your website & sales pages. This outstanding information you obtain from chats on social media will help other people make decisions about hiring you. Always offer up FAQ posts answering questions you’ve heard through the month. Add them to your website in an FAQ page and on your sales pages. This help squash any misunderstandings and clarify your offers so people can make informed decisions when buying form you.
Fun – social content for engagement this help people recognize you and see more of your posts because they are interacting. This gives them the opportunity to see your high value content in their feed and further engage on that content as well!
Building up content that converts clients is easy when you follow a plan. The best way to build up the like factor is through F U N! People will remember you when you’re fun. We create the experience our audience has. Create a FUN experience & they will show up to chime in on your high value content as well & you’ll easily grow your business.
Success Stories – Proof. This builds trust in your ability to provide services that meet their needs. Make sure to include them in your website as testimonials & case studies.

Save This, Rinse & Repeat

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