Hours of Operation

Let’s be clear about boundaries here. Typically I’m available between 10am and 6pm. I try to align my days off with my significant other’s schedule. Usually that means Thursday and Sunday I’m unavailable. Sometimes it’s Wednesday and Sunday. Best to schedule your appointments in advance if this time flexibility is an issue. I love having clients on specific days weekly. I love love love set schedules. You’ll quickly become my favorite client if we meet the same time and day every week!

Holidays are non working days. I consider my birthday to be a holiday. That’s Feburary 7th.

I occassionally will need some personal days and last minute reschedules. We’re all human and things pop up! I wont be upset if you need to reschedule meetings last minute and I hope you wont get upset either. Let’s just try not do it to each other back to back.

Deadlines & Timelines

We’re not going to do these. Quality builds take a lot of time. Tons of research will need to be conducted. The creative process cannot be forced. This means we’re not going to deliver a half assed website to you or something cloned and restamped with your logo. That is bad business practices.

Some of our clients take a few days, some a few weeks, some several months, others it’s been 2 years and they havn’t quite made a decision on what they even want to offer.

We’re no longer taking clients who do not have a solid offer and understanding of what their business is. That’s why we’ve structured this client portal as a course. It’s to speed up the process so a 2 year plan doesn’t happen.

Ideally, in a perfect world, setting this up should never run past 3 months if you’re scheduling weekly calls and maintaining communication in slack.

If you do have something you need urgently, we’ve given you a panic button. Use this button when you need a page on your site right away. For example, you need an email opt in because you’re going on a podcast in the next week. Keep in mind urgent isn’t always 24 hour turn around. Some things need prep time. If 24 hour turn around is important, we can get someone on it for an extra fee. We can’t promise it will be perfect but it will be acceptable in best practices standards to fill the gap while we’re working on the bigger picture.


Straight up, we fire clients for unprofessional conduct. Professional conduct is given to you at all times. No one will ever raise their voice, discriminate, or disrespect you in any way. The same is expected in return. If something is not working for you, just set the appointment and we can discuss it to find a solution that does work for you.

Quality Design

If you feel the design work does not meet the quality you expect, we will make  changes to ensure you’re satisfied. That’s why we offer unlimited revisions in the design phase of your project!