Hey Bosses,

Do you find creating content challenging? 

Do you find that you show up a lot and yet all you hear is crickets.?

I’ve got something that may help. 

I just bought this super cool Viral Content Templates Bundle and I wanted to share them with you.

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It’s a fabulous bundle of 100 Templates and Swipes for Creating Content that Gets Engagement, Grows Your Audience Predictably & Consistently on Social Media.

It’s all about the latest viral content trends that defeat the social media algorithm, break through the noise and reach your ideal clients. 

You get swipes and files so you actually get your content done. 

What’s included: 

(full bundle releases around January 1st, hence why it’s on such a good price right now) 

???? 100+ of the juiciest, engaging, share-worthy content templates and swipes compatible for Canva in 1:1 square format (50 swipes and 50 fill-in-the-blank templates minimum). 

???? How To – Video Tutorial on Using The Templates 

???? A BONUS Video Training on How to Plan, Schedule and Auto-Post your content on IG using IG-partner software. 

???? A BONUS Video Training on The Psychology Behind What Makes People Share Content on Social Media and How To Make the Most of the Algorithm to Go Viral. 

???? FREE BONUS (worth $99) – 100 Downloadable Beautiful Square-size Social Media Templates by Sky Marcano for your Instagram and Facebook Graphics. Download and use on Photoshop, Canva and more (available immediately). 


*Note: This is an affiliate link, click the button to go to the bundle order page.

These swipe files are the BOMB! They are designed for engagement and share-worthiness. The more engagement and shares – the more vitality you get. These encourage you to present education in a new way that makes others WANT to share it!