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Let’s talk about First!

  • This is a free to use platform that is free forever
  • You can choose to pay for upgrades later
  • It’s a website, it’s a blog


  • You will have limitations
  • They display ads on your site
  • They limit the amount of space you can use
  • You cannot upload any free or paid plugins or custom themes
  • You only have access to the few they give you
  • You cannot modify the CSS or other codes
  • This limits the extent of branding yourself


  • Not allowed to monetize
  • Users are not permitted to sell ads on your website
  • At 25,000 page views monthly – you would be able to apply for ad control IF you qualifyRevenue must be split 50/50 with them going forward.

Domain Name

  • You can have a subdomain on the free level
  • Your website has in it.


  • No control
  • You don’t own your content or the blog. WordPress does
  • Free hosting is essentially renting your website
  • You give away your rights to your content

Free hosting on you essentially are renting your website. 

 Let’s talk about now! (This is what I recommend and use!)


  • You will have a monthly cost to house your website
  • gives you the software that uses FOR FREE
  • You have to buy hosting and a domain name to install it on
  • You cannot install it on your personal computer & display it to the internet  (Only you would be able to see it if it’s installed on your personal computer)
  • Websites live on Web Servers in Data Centers.
  • No panicking, hosting is usually just a few dollars a month
  • You get unlimited possibilities
  • You are able up upload any theme you wish
  • You can hire a designer to create a custom branded one or you can download a premade one from the millions of options on the internet
  • You get any functionality you wish by installing plugins
  • There are millions of free options as well as premium options
  • You get full theme support + the ability to modify the code any way you need
  • You can have access to analytics and tracking as well


  • You can monetize your website!
  • You’re able to start implementing affiliate programs, install paid ads, install ecommerce & so much more with the plugins available on the free marketplace or that you purchase from a developer.
  • You get to keep 100% of your earnings!


  • Custom domain!
  • You can have any domain name you purchase
  • No branding from your host. injected into your name


  • Full control
  • You own your data & have full control over it’s usage.

Self hosting you OWN your website instead of rent it.


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